I am interested in our relationships and connections to the natural world. Materials hold metaphorical and/or physical associations to the subject, used to abstract the natural environment and take it out of its element. The use of paper to steal an image from a tree as a rubbing highlights the symbiotic relationship we have with trees as well as life’s continual cycles. Making my own mark over the lifted image underlines the arrogance of our own human nature as well as the shared alliance.

The painting process is alchemical. With the landscape in mind, the canvas takes shape. Folded/ gathered/ rising from the flat plane it begins as a sculpture. Pigment is poured/ brushed/ dusted. The edifice unfolds and a painting emerges. Weaving forms structure, a web to gather what’s been lost, warp and weft as a natural grid, order imposed with delicate fibers, ancient and modern, skin and bones. Seductive materials forgive imperfections and create a façade that can unravel with the pluck of one thread.