Assemblage Series: Masters of the Universe

The Assemblage Series is Phase One of a larger proposed project titled Slow Growth- Slow Growth was conceived as a dreaming in the imagining, a transmutation of our value system, an imagining of a system replete with priority valuation of human capital and most importantly the value of our natural resources.

Every work included in the Assemblage Series is a microcosm of the whole, made with found and recycled objects, materials both precious and non-precious, and using the seed particle of the mighty oak, the acorn, as the subject of each object. It is a collection of 'petits récits' or little narratives created as a way to deconstruct the grand narratives of Western-centric artistic, religious and scientific histories. I am using both historical imagery and its language to register the lost voices and stolen resources of what should have been understood as a shared existence but instead became a destructive and violent amassing of wealth and power.

These seed particles are transformed into false objects of desire to question how we commodify our natural resources. Each seed becomes a tiny altar which is then fitted within the square frame as a visual reinterpretation of historic scientific imagery and text of the Cosmos, re-appropriated into a contemporary, feminist context that informs the work.

What does my story want to tell?

We cannot lie and expect a good outcome.

We cannot steal without leaving a void.


Slow Growth Project Statement